The Curious Kids discover that Southwest Florida’s beautiful beaches are not just fun to hang out on, but are also really important habitats for a lot of cool creatures. From sea turtles to sharks, cute little snowy plovers to prehistoric horseshoe crabs there’s lots to learn. A trip to Sugden Regional Park has some of the kids up on water skis and a beach cookout with Miss Betsy provides some healthy options for a summer barbecue. White sandy beaches also provide plenty of opportunity for fun, games and creative ideas while photographer Dr. Gary Greenberg’s microscopic photographs reveal a spectacular world in the sand grains underfoot. The show offers a fascinating glimpse into the mysteries of our local marine community, and the original song Turtle Tracks, written and performed by Producer/Entertainer Rosie Emery sets the tone for this exciting new episode — “Turtle tracks are leading me on a journey of discovery, think of all I’m going to see as I swim along in the deep, blue sea!”

Produced by: Rosie Emery

Published on Sep 26, 2013

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